by Bill Pulmonary Embolism

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Mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Written by: Peter Clarke
Fueled by: Beer
Made better by: Nathan Holland
Tightened up by: Stephen Hefta
Made possible and thickened by: Adam Tucker

7 children were harmed during the making of this album.


released October 31, 2015

Vocals: Nathan Holland
Guitars: Stephen Hefta and Peter Clarke
Bass: Adam Tucker
Drums: Peter Clarke



all rights reserved


Bill Pulmonary Embolism Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Monumentalist
The walls are closing in
Clawing away at the flesh
Ripping the nails from my hands
Blood is seeping like infectious wounds
Screaming in agony
No conception of reality
Piecing together empty thoughts of morality
Deception, lacerations, bleeding
Within these walls
Vacuous mind clawing my eyes
To see no more
These walls are closing in
Unhallowed is this last breath
Torturous feeling of emptiness
These walls are closing in
Endless purgatory within this eternal confinement
Track Name: Impetuous Design
Withered my mind through deception
Deceit, an impetuous hatred
Surrounded by bones and flesh, diseased and rotten
Infectious world, no purpose in view
Slaying, murder, ripping the skin, torture, mutilation
I am the shepherd of death
Clutching what's not sacred
To enrage the demons of sinful design
Pulling the pitiful souls down into the darkest, deepest depths of hell
No mercy for them now
No revelation for them now
This is the end of all life
Track Name: Non Benevolent Mind
the lizard brain
eyes turn black
heart racing and pushing fear and hate
through every action displayed
gouging into morality
my inner remorse
presented with a choice
thoughts of brief humanity
the next choice will be life or death
No fear
No sorrow
No regrets
No antipathy
my inner remorse
suffering in neo-reptlian signals
never thinking I could kill
realizing its such a thrill
Track Name: The Crown of Ice and Blood
Kneel and behold her majesty
A ruler of death and sorrow
Heresy not tolerated
Her reign is ever unhallowed
The tears of the weak frozen, gouging flesh
The wounds forgotten
Impetuous, her design not oblique
With a moon set high, the sky turns red
Crimson Rivers fill and flow
Bow to the crown of ice and blood
She hears your voice of wane
Screams of terror pierce the ears
As the dust falls so the life will drain
Ice will pierce the sky
A winter shall come over the lands
Immortal reign frozen in time
A beauty forever in darkness
So it shall be
Track Name: Fever Dream
I'm drowning in a sea of meat and bone
Left over from night's last embrace
The more I fight it, the harder it becomes to find the surface
My vision narrows and wanes
I see but I cannot focus
As the depths swell out beneath me
I let go
So sweet is the sound of my own demise
So tempting is death's caress
Only in her arms will I escape this fate and reach the surface
My pain is a road map created by my own body
It's leading me towards false hope
As the depths swell out beneath me
I let go
Track Name: In Between Worlds
Grinding stone
Chipping away at the fabric of our souls
Each path we carve, another chance
We cannot remain here
Sand and mortar helped build the wall, but we can tear it down
Over and over we repeat time, like waves against the shoreline
We come alive in between worlds
Our time is unfurling, but in the light of day we remain the same
We built this world together, we'll end in time
Brick by brick we built the wall, but we can tear it down
Track Name: The Goblin City
A journey begins with trials of courage
testing fear and companionship
follow me to our destiny
In shadows strike true purpose of the enemy
Pulling us into the bog where dreams go to die
Taunting monsters to block the path
We must retrieve what is most dear to us
Into the goblin city to slay the beast
Which holds the true treasure
Only then will we find our courage