A Galaxy Consumed - Live In Studio

by Bill Pulmonary Embolism

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This is a live run through of "A Galaxy Consumed" tracked and mixed at SignatureTone Recording. This recording was done for fun and isn't intended to be a full release. Everthing is one take and generally speaking, raw. We added in a few effects the give it more of a studio feel. We hope you enjoy it!


released April 14, 2014

Tracks performed (sometimes sloppily) at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Peter Clarke - Drums
Nate Holland - Vocals
Stephen Hefta - Guitar
Adam Tucker - Bass
Mike Chryssomallis - Guitar



all rights reserved


Bill Pulmonary Embolism Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Hello Galaxy, Meet Nastidious!
My power is endless , darkness and hate inside me propels my every move. Sensing all indications, malice, hatred. Killing everything that I fucking see. Twisting your mind. Letting every thought consume you. Till you scrape all the flesh from your bones. With a simple phase of my mind, crush bodies, severing limbs. Body parts flying through the air. I have come here, to kill. Slicing through your face, cutting through your soul, there will be no life. Just die, just die. I ready the light saber from my hilt, strike you with endless precession. Find a weakness. Slice you in two. To make things worse, I'll electrocute you. Scorching your flesh. The force shall set me free. Killing everything. The dark side flows through me.
Track Name: Exiles
Exiles. I will kill you. No one dare stand before Nastidious. I have gathered historic relics to harness my power. Rituals will make my foes cower in fear and terror. I will kill you. Dark tentricles of my own design come forth and sever everyone in sight. There is nothing you can do, your mind is your own weakness and with that weakness I will crush you. It is time to die. You will suffer. There is demise of Nastidious. It is time to die. You will die, you will die. You will suffer.
Track Name: Undulations of Hatred
I have just conquered this planet. No one has stood in my way. To the tomb, of fallen dark lords. I make my way into the tomb. Dark passages, soft whispers. Feel the dark side flow through my veins. Dark lords guide me to ultimate power. Voices enchant my ears and mind, stories of great warriors that have fallen under such power. Foolish one you have fallen into my trap. Power draining from my body through every bone, feeling twisted and shattered. This will not be the last of Nastidious. Consuming all your power. It will be mine. My hunger for true power. It will be mine. Nastidious will be the ultimate power in this galaxy. My quest to unbind these eternal chains has led me to demise.
Track Name: The Requiem of Evil
The force shall set me free.
Track Name: A Galaxy Consumed
My mind has been set free. Only now is the flesh from own body completely futile. For this body and mind have transcended far beyond petty dreams and wishes of the weak. They thought they had destroyed what the fear most, but I Nastidious, shall not parish to such feeble attacks. And hopes for peace. For in their absence of intelligence, I have just become what is indestructible and everlasting. I will consume everything. I will spread my hate and terror. You will die and burn. I have just become, what they fear the most. Only to consume that is light and good willed. I shall devour and consume everything. Through victory my chains are broken, the force shall set me free.